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Sympathy suckers suck?!

Sympathy seekers suck the life out of everyone around them. (And make me crazy all too often) Whining, complaining, focusing all on me me me...  inability to hear and listen to others without some sort of sick race to bottom in suffering... my situation, friend, sickness... life is so much worse than yours... arghhhh.
— same situation occurs with base social skills in person... the give and take of focus matters...  to be honest, in most cases I don’t care that much... unless I do, and if I do, it is doubtful that I’d be discussing it on FB. I should and will be there with you if things are so person... real time on phone 📲 at least.  Defining “so bad” is tricky I guess.

There is a fine balance between informing and constantly seeking... it is different for everyone. social media brings out both sides.  Social media CAN be amazing when used to connect but like most things with power, it requires skill and experience.  I’ve had some success by managing my “follow” settings a…

Christmas presents(ce)

Presence is the gift. The present is just one of many tools which provide it. Service and sacrifice for others works too. Blessing is best as a verb.

“Blessings turned inward are blasphemy before God” - that lesson came from a fine preacher in RVA years ago.

My devotional thought for today is this.

Jesus came down... to BE present with us. It isn’t a game. It isn’t a movie. It isn’t on your tv or iPhone. It can’t be faked.

He was real. He is real. He will always be real. If you can put self aside He stands clearly above all else.  Simple... and not simple at all.

Priorities are shown with presence... NOT presents.  Period.  #ThusEndethTheLesson

Choir expertise.

If you have a degree from a college with “choir” in the name you are by definition a certified choral expert. Add some real world experience and you become #WCCstrong and that makes you a true choir guru geek. Elite of the elite.

There is a standard to conserve and a future to explore.
Joseph Flummerfelt said to alumni a few years ago. “If you don’t hold the line, who will”

- we can’t expect others to see it or even know where it is. We are the standard bearers. #ChoirIsLife

as I prepare for my Christmas concerts this week I’m reminded that my charge is to inspire and deliver “life” through singing. We aspire to excellence. Aspirations are good. Results are better. The journey is the goal. To cross line after line after line... this concert better than the last... tomorrow better than today...

Some day I’ll come to a decision on what is good enough... then I’ll get better than that.

#DoYourJob #JustSing #WestminsterChoirCollege

Alabama: Moore v Jones for US Senate

The speed of this cultural prosecution in the 24hr “news” cycle is an interesting challenge to a deliberately slow and careful governance model.

Alabama. Voters spoke. A State’s power is resident in its Senators most of all.
Moore was poor candidate.

Media has too much power and this culture of allegation prosecution must end.
Government must be executed bottom up for efficacy, starting with citizen accountability and voting and caring and serving.

Representative Democracy is a tricky game people. Our freedom stands in the balance. The people and the states speak differently via our representatives, the POTUS executes policy and law and SCOTUS is the authority.

Hump day THINK

All the stuff you think I am thinking.. I am... but I'm not thinking about it the way you are thinking I am. It is almost never about me, and rarely about now.. and as to you.. well, you may be an inspiration for a thought, or a complaint, or even a criticism, but changing you is not part of my calculus.
What I think is always about changing me and perhaps, what I think.

Maybe I'm selfish, maybe not.
I am what I am.
I think, therefore I am.
I say what I'm doing and I do what I say.