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Focus and let it go.

Focus.  If an activity is not generating a positive result.  Let it go.   Activity is not success. Results are success.  How results are generated and planned is key.  Execution is the differentiator.  Most people have great ideas.  Few people execute on them.  Failure is okay.  It creates opportunity for new plans and actions.

Stop... Who said it?

What? Exactly what? And Who? Exactly who? Is stopping you from doing what you want to do?  - hint: most of the time it is you.  Identify problem/opportunityDevelop a platform of action. (People, process, tech,$) Execute Measure results and repeat for optimization. 
Successful outcomes take considerably more more time and many more iterations than you will plan. 

5 Best Leadership Lessons with hashtags

1. when faced with a ticking time bomb... remove the fuse... move on. #WalkAway
2. when another group wants more "rope"... but you know they can't handle it.. .Give them the rope, all the slack they want... if you are right.. they will tangle it up, or hang themselves up in a mess... #LetItGo
3. when shots are fired... put your head down, and do your job. attempting to be a hero will likely get you shot. #DoYourJob
4. When appropriate.. disregard reason and logic, and go with your gut. #EverythinginModerationIncludingModeration
5. principle and practice are NOT at all the same thing. only rookies, focus on being right. Outcomes, relationships, and engagement are the key to long term success. #NotEnough2BeRight


Every morning God looks down on his creation. 
He sees billions of children and like every parent... he shakes his head at their behavior and decisions. 
He still loves us despite us. 
THAT is why every day is an opportunity.

Trump's NFL

For the record: My criticism of the NFL behavior applies equally to President Trump. There is a big difference though. I do not despise or believe that my country is shameful. I can respect the president of the United States while disliking and disapproving of his behaviors and policies. I can choose to NOT watch or support the NFL because of their behaviors. I can choose to speak out and fight against oppression and injustice as a conservative. Freedom means we can choose. Respect doesn't mean blind devotion. Citizens can watch and discuss and observe and even be wrong without being evil or moral failures. Until this Identity division crap plays out, nothing will change. We must stand for a shared purpose and let our actions speak... accepting the consequences as adults. If this is lost... then the union is lost.

We are NOT the USFL.

Tragedy and choice. in the wake of Vegas.

Last night was a tragedy for America. Tonight will be what we choose. 
We can only seek a path forward. We choose division, demagoguery and destruction or we choose to love and live together in the the only “free” country of this size and scale that has ever existed... maybe ever will.
We are not perfect. We are not morally superior. We are not the world...  We are quite simply Americans and we must pledge allegiance to this land... to this way... to a future together. Stand and defend one another. Trust and live according to the rule of law in practice while embracing the principles of liberty.
We should Stand as members of a free society seeking a path to lead the world through example not force. We must protect one another from evil. We must love and live with one another and “others”. We must find a balance between principle and practice. It is not enough to be right. It never was. We need one another.

Vegas shooting targeted Americans... All of US.

Vegas was "an act of pure evil" indeed. 

Americans were slaughtered. not Rs, or Ds, or whites, or blacks, gun advocates, gun controllers, or any other of 100s of divisions ... --- 

Americans were killed. We as Americans must stand together and respond with love but it is very hard. 

My instinct is to lash out and blame. 

I reject this base emotion and I seek a higher, better place.. with all of my fellow americans.