NFL protests America

re: NFL protests:

Good thing... country is discussing what it means to be American in public.
Bad thing... majority of country is basically clueless and has forgotten how to even talk about important issues with civility and respect.

REMINDERS #jeff2jeff
  • Personal opinions and ideas are vetted at polls with votes and systems of governance for a reason. 
  • History and precedent matter. We didn't get to where we are without discord, and division, and then unity... 
  • There is a HUGE difference between public and private America. 
  • NFL is licensed, and wholly private... but consumed in public. 
  • Individuals need to step up and speak out, and be willing to deal with consequences of those choices. That is the rub. 
  • Public addresses, commentary, and protests are best left to actual adults who understand all of the above.


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