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I pledge allegiance

Jon Snow impressed me with his allegiance. Of course it was written in the script and he isn't real but that is our America in 2017 all too often.  Pledging allegiance is a lost concept in the 21st century culture. To God... to country... to family... results speak for themselves. We the people have replaced the we with me. I'm as guilty as anyone else, but I see it most clearly in the arts.  Principle has become an idea allowed to exist without practical and real consequences. It doesn't require action or allegiance and most of all it is useless as it is quickly ignored and replaced by the tyranny of the urgent. I watch my friends blame rather than solve and change.  I see a spirit of whining about what could have been, reminiscent of Theon Greyjoy.  I see a "kingdom" absent a king, absent honor, and absent allegiance.  The battle is indeed between life and death but most are unable to see it.  As for me and my house... if you know me, you know the rest.

Writing in my book of life.

I was moved today as I prayed together with a "family of Christians" and Virginians in uptown Martinsville.  

We didn't know each other. We chose to prioritize this brief time to commemorate and offer up a piece of our day in respect and humility... as humans on a planet spinning... struggling and searching for common ground.  

We were in the midst of uptown, on display, showing ourselves for all to see. We stood and sat together. We talked briefly after the service and then returned to our daily schedules. I do not know if others were moved as I was. I hope and pray that they were.  

The entreaty to serve where we are as Jeremiah, the scripture from 1st Corinthians and the quotes from MLK burned into my brain... an image of a world where we are not at the center... but our service to one another takes priority and practice. It is a dream indeed.. but a powerful one which I strive to bring into focus only for me. As to the entire world seeing it clearly, and hearing a…

Passive: Aggressive: NEUTRALITY is useless.

Don’t just stand and watch…Don't just sit and read... 

 at the very least you can drop to your knees and pray.. 

We MUST speak out with principled and disciplined words… absent the political correct “tolerance” so prevalent in our society and uneducated/inexperienced culture of 2017… 

We must call out hatred and bigotry and yes, violence… in every form. AGGRESSIVELY!  DIRECTLY!  AUTHENTICALLY! 

#Charlottesville was a turning point for this Virginian... it signaled a change in perspective... Principles which allow for practical violence and bigotry.. are not principles. Free speech does and must have limits because We the people are not educated to understand and act accordingly.  We don't seem to be able to handle the truth.

Online Lines

If you can't manage some emotional distance and rational logic in your discussions... you will have escalating relationship problems. Timing, tone, reputation and legacy of interactions all matter. Friends you "keep" matter.  Social media is powerful tool, it requires discipline... or... just keep on doing what you are doing... free speech is free... unfollow works just fine. Continuing irresponsible behavior will bring on the almighty block.  Works just like this in real life and always has. If you can't be "appropriate", you will quickly find yourself marginalized and on the fringe in every way. That is not good for anyone.  There is a line. It is different for everyone. Finding and defining "the line" gets more complex as you increase the breadth of audience.

Conversations 080117

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK:   Ideas that follow have evolved from conversations, and experiences at the Lasker Summer Music Festival 2017 where a small group of elite artists explored hospitality in performance and music.   This discussion is best suited for exactly that type of audience… small, face to face, with the ability to agree on bounding scope, guiding definition and with a community minded facilitator.   This written forum tends to be best suited for “sermons” where little or no diversity, discussion and dialogue can even occur, but I have come to believe that a written outline is necessary to explain some of my own personal assumption and ideas as I explore further.  
Classically trained conservatory artists have spent years, decades, sometimes entire lifetimes in pursuit of a standard.  We have been trained to conserve how our music has always been done.  We embrace “tradition” and history and legacy and pursue perfection through discipline and practice all the while embracing…