Firestarter : the spark : I am good enough

Liberty to be. 

I am free to be good enough. I reject you, o concept of perfection. As I seek "excellence" I accept that I will always journey on the road with those who wish to define the road. The definers easily and often become the defilers of my spark.  My spark is derived from my God. His blessing and his love free me to be good enough. 

It is my task to see the systems of control placed on my flame. They are necessary but they must be necessary according to my need to serve.  My flame, my spark, it burns, it sustains. It explodes and it can destroy. Me. You. 

But the spark. The spark is good enough. It cannot be extinguished by its declaration. It has no need to be universal or uniform. It forms. It provides. It creates in me a purpose. A reason. 

I am good enough. I will never be good enough to my jailers. I am as I am made. Beloved. Specific. First born, a child of a living God. A journeyman. An infant. A master. But never the spark. I am the flame and I seek to include you. You must not allow me to destroy you. You must stay on your path. You must shine as the sun. Burning so bright and so hot... as you were made to do. The spark remains within the fire. It is not the fire. It IS.  I am good enough to burn. To grow. To seek. To serve. Most of all, to love. Ahhh. To love.  


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