Destructive judgement required?

Respect is a two way street.  It must be earned.  It can be lost. It can be restored.
Judgement is a journey between two poles of human relationship.

Disrespect is a word, a concept that is more than the absence of respect.
I find myself embracing the more active cousins of disrespect all too often lately.  The causes are too many to list but they are real. Like a coin, they always have two sides. I can see my side clearly and the other seems to be beyond understanding.

Disgust is a word I can respect. As a concept it is difficult to consider as applied to another human being.  
Disregard is related to disdain in my lexicon. Because I have lost respect, I choose to disregard another.

Perhaps the most powerful emotion between individuals is disappointment.  It is a fact of life.  Where it continues, it calls judgement into discussion. It is a consequence of an expectation. The failure to meet expectations is destructive.

Repairing the divisions which occur in a very short time can take a long time. This repair activity is ongoing as every day becomes an opportunity.  It is progress.

I can choose to focus on the failures, on the disgust, the disappointment and the division.  It feels good to be right. It is empowering to show my superiority as others fall away into the depths of my judgement.

This journey is required for progress and growth. It is nonetheless painful.  To pretend that judgement is not required, that expectations and commitments are transient and fleeting is to show disrespect for another at a deeply personal level.  It is naive.

We are all on a journey to be alive together. We must love and learn.  We will judge and destroy.  Given these facts, I posit that our focus and intention must always be on building.  Judging others is a recipe for dissent and yes... disrespect.   

You will do it.  Strive to limit the time in this destructive death spiral. Without balance, in the end, you destroy your own ability to relate, to trust, to love, and to grow.


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