Answers NO

No I don't know the answer. No, I don't think you know the answer.

Most of the time, I'm not even sure you can logically pose a question. I do know that I have enough trouble with that for the both of us.

Foolish one, it is not enough to be right. Without a "platform" of support and tools to execute and deliver results... nothing you say will really matter. Note: popularity is not a measure of support nor is it a validation of any idea.

Are you able to understand the questions, applications, and themes embedded within this message?

If the answer is no... start over... read and study, and listen a hell of a lot more instead of talking and pretending... mimicry and parroting are not flattering to those who recognize it.

Repeat after me. "I do not know the answer and it is not enough to be right. Popularity is a false god."


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