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Answers NO

No I don't know the answer. No, I don't think you know the answer.

Most of the time, I'm not even sure you can logically pose a question. I do know that I have enough trouble with that for the both of us.

Foolish one, it is not enough to be right. Without a "platform" of support and tools to execute and deliver results... nothing you say will really matter. Note: popularity is not a measure of support nor is it a validation of any idea.

Are you able to understand the questions, applications, and themes embedded within this message?

If the answer is no... start over... read and study, and listen a hell of a lot more instead of talking and pretending... mimicry and parroting are not flattering to those who recognize it.

Repeat after me. "I do not know the answer and it is not enough to be right. Popularity is a false god."

Be Real. but be careful with audience.

Be real with friends. They know you and forgive a wide range of words.
Shields have to be raised in public. Skill is required to communicate one to many.   Facebook Public = Public. --- it is hard to be real and share without whining and complaining.  Communications skills are a real thing. Study them and practice them. 
Results in relationships are the metric of success
Popularity does not equal success. 
Honesty requires subtlety and context.

Destructive judgement required?

Respect is a two way street.  It must be earned.  It can be lost. It can be restored.
Judgement is a journey between two poles of human relationship.

Disrespect is a word, a concept that is more than the absence of respect.
I find myself embracing the more active cousins of disrespect all too often lately.  The causes are too many to list but they are real. Like a coin, they always have two sides. I can see my side clearly and the other seems to be beyond understanding.

Disgust is a word I can respect. As a concept it is difficult to consider as applied to another human being.  
Disregard is related to disdain in my lexicon. Because I have lost respect, I choose to disregard another.

Perhaps the most powerful emotion between individuals is disappointment.  It is a fact of life.  Where it continues, it calls judgement into discussion. It is a consequence of an expectation. The failure to meet expectations is destructive.

Repairing the divisions which occur in a very short time can take…

Why don't I go to the opera... or even the theater enough..

I have trouble connecting with live performance arts...from opera, to theater...

Why?  because it moves me too deeply.. It is my passion.. it is my skill.. it reminds me of what I have chosen to not do and it fans the flames of jealousy when I see others partake...

and it does not support my practical life demands for family, money, even ministry.

There is something here that is troubling... almost like  cancer in a performer's livelihood.   I spent last week performing. (LSMF) I was indeed alive.  I explored.  I created.  I performed as the specific, beloved, first born, Christian... as I am made...   #LSMF2017

Was it self serving?  of course it was..   but I am a performer... that natural performance instinct is at my core.

There is an element of self loathing in a whining commentary such as mine.  There is also a brutal honesty.  I can't partake of something I can't control.  If the spark fans into a forest fire, and destroys all... in my world view, that destruction …

Firestarter : the spark : I am good enough

Liberty to be. 

I am free to be good enough. I reject you, o concept of perfection. As I seek "excellence" I accept that I will always journey on the road with those who wish to define the road. The definers easily and often become the defilers of my spark.  My spark is derived from my God. His blessing and his love free me to be good enough. 
It is my task to see the systems of control placed on my flame. They are necessary but they must be necessary according to my need to serve.  My flame, my spark, it burns, it sustains. It explodes and it can destroy. Me. You. 
But the spark. The spark is good enough. It cannot be extinguished by its declaration. It has no need to be universal or uniform. It forms. It provides. It creates in me a purpose. A reason. 

I am good enough. I will never be good enough to my jailers. I am as I am made. Beloved. Specific. First born, a child of a living God. A journeyman. An infant. A master. But never the spark. I am the flame and I seek to inc…