FB Thinking Way2Wide Way2Much : June 2017

FB posts from Jeff Prillaman, selected from many in June of 2017...  thoughts to remember.  Interesting to try and create a narrative from an "online journal" 
I talk about my life and my thoughts. Why do so many want to control and direct my life and my thoughts? I have no desire to control and direct their lives... of any flavor. Libertarians are not crazy. Conservatives aren't evil. 
This punitive faux moralist position of so many collectivists is ridiculous. The latest is to attack the morals and theology of conservative and liberty minded Christians. I admit that their mean spirited judgement provokes me to respond. I keep reading and reading... nowhere does Jesus invoke the Roman Empire to enforce his expectations through power. NOWHERE. This collectivist indictment and reading of Isaiah 58 and Matthew 25 is just human just benevolent theocratic autocracy. To impose will and morality and intention requires judgement. It does not reconcile with free will, the required choice to follow and give up.
Enough... this "defense" stuff makes me sad that so many understand so little. I know this because of how little I know and yet I see the power of freedom, choice, and love. It is naive and childish to believe that benevolence only comes as a result of power. There is a cost in blood and treasure. Grow up and think for yourselves  #IdiotsEverywhere Christian majorities and power are not necessary or guaranteed for ministry. 1 Peter stuns with this message and it is reinforced so often.

Just heard about Johnny Depp actually calling for the assassination of President Trump on stage in Europe...  #Shameful I'd say it is "about time" that actors who don't recognize the power of their words stop speaking unless a team of writers has told them what to say. Hope there are some repercussions with Disney, and his many Brands...
Reality check. Police are ultimately in charge of protecting and serving communities. Not individuals. #HardJob subject to rule of law. If the rule of law isn't embraced by the individuals, everyone is in trouble. More law = more criminals. Always always always. And criminals don't follow laws by definition. #ThinkAboutIt
Our governing authorities struggle to maintain order within constitutional bounding scope. At every level. Local, state, federal, global... 
Is it logical that a new law is the answer to every problem? Knowing all that we know... in 2017.... why do the educated elite insist on dictating their way to all others? It is hard enough to live and survive according to my own beliefs and standards. 
I am highly educated. I've studied and continually study history. I want no part of dictating how others live. I'll model and pray that they choose wisely. I'll defend myself and my family and neighbors. I'm not responsible for their decisions period. I don't want to be. I still love them. I don't want to control them. What the Hell is wrong with the ideologues on all sides who can't live and let live? Why would you want the responsibility of dictating to others how to live? What is the outcome of such human intervention? Historically speaking... only pain, and suffering, and corruption... and crucifixion. So much legacy of pain and failure. what are we doing differently today with all of our progress and education? 
As for me and my house... as best I can model. We will Be Love Serve Repeat. I can't tell you what to do. I won't tell you what to do. Can you do me the same courtesy?  #NonAggressionPrincipleApplies
Gun control. I use it. I practice it. I don't force you to carry a weapon. You don't know that I'm carrying a weapon. Threaten my life... I will control my gun as it ends you.  #NonAggressionPrincipleApplies
As to snowflakes4guncontrol. You are wasting your breath and time unless you have a proposal that allows for the different needs between urban, suburban, and rural environments. Also, good luck repealing the 2nd amendment. 
Also. I think Pelosi should run for President. 
No amount of stuff is enough. Fact. Also, it is not possible to have too much tractor or too many tools.
Defining others intentions and identity is the domain of idealists not realists. Practical results in governance requires systems of tools and wide support or autocratic control. Choose wisely... is what I say. And...
Each of us has the right to assess the roads which lie ahead and those over which we have traveled, and if the future looms ominous or unpromising, and the roads back uninviting, then we need to gather our resolve and, carrying only the necessary baggage, step off that road into another direction. If the new choice is unpalatable, without embarrassment, we must be ready to change that as well.
- Maya Angelou
Just do your job. Yes Jeff. Only your job. #God2me sigh. If I would only listen.
Seriously. It does not matter whose fault it is. Let it go and move on. Did you even see all those Disney movies? Future is what we make of it. The govt will not help you. #ThreeMusketeers #IAmPorthos also #IAmGroot find your tribe. Let it roll. Be. Love. Serve. Repeat. Loyalty matters. Think that was in YoungGuns  #IdiotsEverywhere #IdiotsInCharge
If you can't discern when it is appropriate to discuss personal things in public or what on FB IS public..-- you SHOULD NOT BE on FB. (Go back to CCmail)
If you are intentionally communicating in public social media with 1x1 appropriate discourse... first, you should be ashamed. Second, you will likely get 
blocked. #EvenByMe  #PatienceWearsThin with repeated stupidity and refusal to learn or adjust. #Ruins4everyone
when you actually take charge of your own healthcare and use your physicians as consultants...(rather than judge/dictator/fascist) it freaks them right out.
They all seem to ask for it, but most don't really want it. - when I ask for clarifications, questioning decision analytics, or ask for rejected alternative approaches... The docs get #fighty quick. mostly just giving arrogant dismissive responses until I push. Apparently, if you know everything you are not to be questioned #LessonLearned
There are some diamonds in the rough. 💎 
I spent decades trying to be nice. The case can be made that I was not successful. To be clear, I'd say I was successful, but not always nice. 
These days, it is hard enough to just be. Sometimes I am nice, but not always. I am who I am, not who you say I am... Wabbam! Next?
I fall down. I get up. If you knock me down, and I get up. You should run. There will be consequences.
I think our continued division is unavoidable. It is not new news.
Our response to division, along with our choice to respect or diminish others is a choice. People are equal. Ideas are not. Government requires decisions and power. 
For me, less govt is a plan. Less dependency on govt is a plan. Local communities and relationships are the imperative. Dialogue. Respect. Above all love. 
Including voting and influencing as I believe. Without fear.
Dems have been calling for war and fighting on streets, and outrage... images of unimaginable violence directly toward our leadership are all around. Words are just that. Those words Do not indict them to anything. Our society is free. They are free to speak. Democratic rhetoric no more encouraged this action than any other. The shooting was deranged lunacy. 
We are a nation of laws. Police and law enforcement stand in the gap. Thank God for that. 
Free speech is free. I'd like to see the division, and demagoguery... even demonization of opposing sides diminish. Each of us choose how we engage with dissent. Do we judge and characterize it as hate... accusing, indicting... or do we listen and debate? Choose wisely my friends. I wish this hostility and violence would end. It can, but it is up to us. Each of us. 
Every day is an opportunity. Freedom reigns as long as we defend it.


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