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I remember, and I'll say whatever I damn well please... #Lloyd

I’ll be away this weekend at the Lasker Summer Music Festival.. .  with virtually no internet connectivity.. that is just how rural Eastern NC is…

 Here is a picture which made me think of him.. and two articles about my friend Lloyd Arriola.

He along with Charles Hulin are my major "connections” to my performing self and NY, and Classical singing… at a different level of expectation.

 I miss him and will be singing and remember him for the next few days. I’m sorry you all didn’t get to meet him.  he was a force and a pillar.   I’m struggling a bit to reconcile so much loss in the past year..  Romans 8 helps most days.  On others, music engages my soul.




The Solution Is Life on God’s Terms

8 1-2 With the arrival of Jesus, the Messiah, that fateful dilemma is resolved. Those who enter into Christ’s being-here-for-us no longer have to live under a continuous, low-lying black cloud.…

FB Thinking Way2Wide Way2Much : June 2017

FB posts from Jeff Prillaman, selected from many in June of 2017...  thoughts to remember.  Interesting to try and create a narrative from an "online journal" 
I talk about my life and my thoughts. Why do so many want to control and direct my life and my thoughts? I have no desire to control and direct their lives... of any flavor. Libertarians are not crazy. Conservatives aren't evil. 
This punitive faux moralist position of so many collectivists is ridiculous. The latest is to attack the morals and theology of conservative and liberty minded Christians. I admit that their mean spirited judgement provokes me to respond. I keep reading and reading... nowhere does Jesus invoke the Roman Empire to enforce his expectations through power. NOWHERE. This collectivist indictment and reading of Isaiah 58 and Matthew 25 is just human just benevolent theocratic autocracy. To impose will and morality and intention requires judgement…


I know a lot of conservative folks.. with varied opinions on LGBT issues.. I don't know anyone who hates... but I hear a lot of friends (not conservatives) characterizing others' positions as hate.  Disagreement is not hate. It is disagreement.  Just because it makes you feel better to characterize another's idea does not make you right. In fact, that is its own seed of discrimination right there...  Lots of people have spent decades discriminating against me and demeaning me because I was morbidly obese... I had no choice in that ultimately, and I see a parallel. I never once viewed their decisions as hate... I am who I am... the world is not fair... never will be... some have power.. some don't... I adjust my living to the world and manage.. 
Less government.. means more freedom and more choice... Period.  This HATE thing only has one remedy... Christ.
Unity in Christ does not mean uniformity in life.