I'm seriously done with "politically correct"

Warning #PublicServiceAnnouncement

 I'm done with worrying about whether my free speech, hard earned experience, and non-normal/nonconforming ideas offend you. -- #NothingNewHereIfYouReallyKnowMe ::: let your actions speak... Be. Love. Serve. Repeat. -- sacrifice... respect... Educate yourself... or you will be educated on this page and many others.  

Note: this warning also extends to real world... and I'm a tenor/conductor so be prepared anything can happen when you poke conductors/tenors. Seriously. 

There is no #ProtectedClass -(teachers, preachers, family, elected officials, media personalities) if you do/say something stupid, disrespectful, degrading and mean... you are likely to be called on it. Bad plans, lack of results, failure... all generate attention and judgement ... I'll respond and engage If it is worth the time and energy... most times it isn't. 

As to my behavior... If I cross "your" line call me on it... but be prepared to defend your line... my empathy is limited under stress. #ShockerRight?! Don't like it... feel free to leave.. don't let the door hit you in the butt. 

Respect is a two way street... Give and you shall receive. Love is unconditional. Idiocy has consequences. 


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