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Lessons that endure.

I'm posting this because I found it powerful and worthy of review.  Bravo Mr Kasanoff...

•There are dozens of reasons why something can't be done, but perhaps only one why it can. Decide whether you are going to search for a way to do it, or regularly settle for a handy excuse.
•Nothing stays the same. You have to be in tune with changes. Change is the norm.
•Learn how when you have the time, so that you can do it when you have the chance.
•Every business is show business.
•Get as close as possible to what drives the business.
•Invariably, there is a difference between those who carry titles on an organizational chart and the people who run the company. As soon as possible, figure out who runs the company.
•If you can't relate to the boredom of daily chores, how can you manage people who must do them all the time?
•A superior leader is a person who can bring ordinary people together to achieve extraordinary results. Remember this if you are lucky enough to manage a team.

Actions come from ideas.

People are equal. Ideas are not. #truthexists

I spend a lot of time considering and justifying my ideas and aligning my actions accordingly. For now, I'm free to do so. Justification on why you have said something or had an idea isn't freedom. It is logical and rational. Laws are often logical and rational and yet all restrict freedom.

Own your ideas and speech. Others will judge freely regardless. They are free to do so as long as freedoms remain.

Influencing and leading with ideas is a whole other game. In that case, results matter. History, legacy, consistency all matter.

Looking Back

#LookingBack -->> I long for days where my goal was just to sing well in my lessons and coachings and auditions and please Dr Flummerfelt and Glenn and Frauke in rehearsals. Schubert, Mozart, Faure, Duparc, Poulenc, Beethoven, Bellini, Puccini, Verdi, Copland, Bernstein, even Brahms and Wagner were my heroes... so many others on that list..... Handel and Bach were a "necessary discipline;-)" -- Seemed so hard then and now it seems so far away.  #WCCstrong I adored singing and connecting with my voice to audiences and colleagues alike.  I forget how I despised the long commutes, total lack of money, struggle to just get from place to place... and dreams of future. #MidlifeCrisismaybe#MidlifeMusingMoreLikely traveling, and attention were never the focus... results and influence and impact and personal achievement proving I could "do it" -- those were my my motivations -- helping others to achieve more with their singing was a particular passion... I dreamed of …

I am indeed HARD

I am often hard but I am with you. I will stand up, and fight in the arena with skill, heart, and unparalleled determination. We will succeed or fail together... but we won't do so quietly, in a corner, unnoticed or unheard. I am me and I accept you as you are. Beneath my armor beats a pulse filled with love and desire for your success even at my expense. Try not to judge me for not being like you. Perhaps you will just join me on this great journey. Regardless, here I stand! #Parenting#Marriage#Submission#Leadership#Respect

I'm seriously done with "politically correct"

Warning #PublicServiceAnnouncement
 I'm done with worrying about whether my free speech, hard earned experience, and non-normal/nonconforming ideas offend you. -- #NothingNewHereIfYouReallyKnowMe ::: let your actions speak... Be. Love. Serve. Repeat. -- sacrifice... respect... Educate yourself... or you will be educated on this page and many others.  
Note: this warning also extends to real world... and I'm a tenor/conductor so be prepared anything can happen when you poke conductors/tenors. Seriously. 
There is no #ProtectedClass -(teachers, preachers, family, elected officials, media personalities) if you do/say something stupid, disrespectful, degrading and mean... you are likely to be called on it. Bad plans, lack of results, failure... all generate attention and judgement ... I'll respond and engage If it is worth the time and energy... most times it isn't. 
As to my behavior... If I cross "your" line call me on it... but be prepared to defend your line.…