Social Systemic Failures are personal: Enough of "we can do better"

If your reaction to systemic social fails(homelessness, arts, education, community) is... "we" can fix it, then you proceed to mandate others' changes to fix things... you are part of problem, not solution. From churches, to community associations, to local governments... principles are same.

Benevolence is local. Government/governance cannot fix. It only perpetuates more failure. Want more arts... make them. Want better social services... provide them. Want better food for all... make it, grow it, give it.

Take action and make a difference where you are. Set the example and let others see your example and light.

Judging and imposing a "better" way is naive and selfish. Makes you feel better. Solves nothing. Particularly if your life is a disaster... family, results, commitment, choices... everyone has ideas. Most have good intention. Only execution actually makes a difference beyond you.

Be the change. That is enough. Stop telling everyone else what THEY need to change.


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