I am NOT fat. I am NOT morbidly obese. SUMO awesomeness.

Learning to say the word fat has been a huge part of my emotional journey. I am not morbidly obese, nor am I fat. I have #morbidobesity and I have fat.

 I am a specific beloved firstborn child of Christ. I am fearfully and wondrously made, a little lower than the angels. I am strong, confident, and powerful because God made me thus. 

Mean, low, average... people call me names. Fat.. I have great pain associated with their perspective on my identity but that pain does not make their perspective true. By embracing and fearing, I actually validate their meanness rather than repudiating it as I normally would. 

Be who you are. Love yourself and others. Serve always. 

If you have fat and #morbidobesity and you want to have "less"... do it. This choice does not make you less in Gods eyes. (All that really matters) it does not make you more valuable in society's eyes... 
soon I will have less fat.

I will still be me. As God made me. Also, I love those sumo guys... seriously. 


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