The ABCs of beating morbid obesity.

#morbidobesity -- how to lose weight. 
A- accept that you have a problem. Acknowledge it to family and friends. Accountability will be key.
B- Believe in yourself and your ability to be a new person living in a new way.
C- Create the new future one day at a time. Change is hard. Counting calories and controlling carb is a major key. Consistency is the challenge. Every day is filled with choices. Change a few choices, behaviors, then few more... Creating a new reality and context is the only way. You cannot just cut calories and achieve anything long term. Consider major structural changes such as where you live, how you work, when you work...
D- don't get discouraged. Do whatever it takes to stay up. Sing, dance, dig, walk, and celebrate small victories. Time is your friend, not your enemy. Play the long game and use your tools... whatever they are. Convert those old habits into the new vision. Let them go. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't be afraid to look for tools.
E- Everyone is different. Everyone has different journey. Everyone can do it. Every one of us has to find our own path.
F- focus on the future. Forget the pain and ridicule of the past. Focus. Focus. Focus. You are not a failure. You are a specific beloved firstborn child of Christ. Food is fuel...
G- go and tell others. Build a tribe of support by supporting and loving them.
H- Have faith in God. You are wonderfully and specifically made in Gods image. Hope is powerful. Listen for it all around you.
I- investigate options, alternatives for diet and activity. invest in others. They need you. You need them.
J--- JUST DO IT!!!!
Start today. 

Journey will never be over. Know that but keep walking anyway, because the journey is our destination. Keeping your eyes on that prize is key. Run to win realizing that victory is already yours. You win with every choice. Even the bad ones. Just stay on the path and keep moving.


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