Hope and Change. Yes I can.

The chart you see, represents a 3 year journey pre surgery reality check as of 2/8/17 My weight loss is 90lbs... Everything about my life "health" is better these days.. I conduct more, I sing more... I enjoy eating more.  Every day is an opportunity and a challenge.  Every flipping one... but we move on into the future. 

on 2/28/17 -- Everything will change as I undergo a Roux en Y bariatric/metabolic procedure to provide me with a new tool... Looking to lose another 100lbs + after surgery over the next year or so ... 

I've embraced hardcore lifestyle changes... over years... #Results Hope and Change. Yes I Can! You can too... but don't kid yourself, the journey is long, and the changes are huge... Nothing worth having comes without cost.  In this case, the cost is massively outweighed by the future opportunity. 

My numbers don't lie, but they aren't everything. I've been a success and a failure... in so many things.  My reality is a structural change.  From now on, I'll track and measure and strive to eat and drink enough of the right things.   For 40 years, I've beaten myself up over eating too much.  

It is virtually impossible to stop doing something IMHO.  It is entirely possible to do something new, different, and to weather the storms and find new outcomes. To succeed and fail... and change.  



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