Trump effect on feelings of liberty minded conservatives

#PoliticalReality is this. I feel a need to fully and completely explain my conservative positions and my vote for Trump. I don't like him but in the end it didn't matter... 
Even if I reject the premise of being less due to conservatism... I can't just ignore my friends' words. That is hard. My natural inclination is to ground in logic, Embrace emotion afterwards... perhaps as a result of my conservatory training. If I can't reconcile I withdraw to my own experience and gut. I believed he was the way forward and I stand by it. 
My business and tech experience have shown me that results and systems change things. Having ideas and being right just isn't enough. A platform to execute is required. Takes people. And resources. Hence party. 
So many of My liberal friends condemn me so easily... without reason or logic... the absence is hard to handle in dialogue. Most feel no need to explain their positions beyond ... I'm evil and corrupt and blah blah blah. 
In the end, I listen to them more than I accept. I have a desire for connection and diversity... That is partly why I feel the need to justify/equivocate/explain. It would be easier to just sing... but kids and bills and bills and kids. Sigh. Someday,
Maybe this will all make sense. I doubt it. But for today... as for me and my house... the journey will continue.


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