President Obama's protest perspective.

For everyone getting set to protest on Inauguration Day... what the heck are you protesting?

If it is your "belief" that Trump will be a terrible president... or your belief that Hillary should have won... too bad, so sad... elections have consequences. Now is the time to assemble, as Americans... not dissolve into tantrums.

I believed that Obama would be a terrible president, that his policies would not work, that he would tax & spend and tax & spend...and destabilize the US position of strength in the world. I shut up and watched for almost two years... showing respect for the office and the achievement. I watched hope and change dissolve into division and demagoguery. We all lost.

I was proud to see our first black president, just as I would have been proud to see our first female president. Imagine if I had protested... if their had been a "counter inauguration" featuring McCain/Palin or Romney/Ryan speeches... I can't see how that would have helped anything.

OUR President is about to be inaugurated. Like him, hate him... HIS results remain to be seen. Show some respect for the office and the millions of citizens who voted for this change. Time for more campaigning and policy debate will arise everyday in coming years... seems we should all celebrate the peaceful transition of power not "protest" our system of government. It would be nice to hear President Obama echo these sentiments... I believe he shares them.


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