Do actors and actresses in Hollywood really think that they are qualified to discuss governing and leadership? Really? They are talented, but they make their living in fantasy worlds and stories. They win popularity contests as their primary claim to success... The words are written for them. They live in a completely exclusionary world based on perceptions and public relations... morally corrupt, vicious, often cruel... and money is made from these very things.

Ideas and Art are glorious, but they inspire hearts... They are not about results and outcomes. (e.g. Wars, Security, Jobs, Immigration policy, Taxation, Commerce)

Stick to telling stories or run for office and make changes... But stop assuming that because you can act, and millions love your characters... that somehow you have the character to be modeled and followed. Even better, just work in your neighborhood and make a difference.

The one sided arrogance, condescending tones, and irrational arguments are the exact reason that Donald Trump will be our next president.

If you are concerned... move on, lean forward, and embrace hope and change. Past is past. Future may or may not be better, but the election is over and done... it has consequences.

I'm pretty excited to see what change will bring. I keep reminding myself that it could have been so much worse. Can I make the best out of the situation as it comes? Yes I can!


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