Social justice for being fat

Does our culture/system oppress fat people? (America)

Maybe I need to rethink my approach to social justice? 

If I'm biased against fat, it is my issue to deal with, not the government... life is not fair, sooner we all learn to deal with that fact the better off we will be. Move on. "Always forward"

#morbidobesity is not a moral failing. 
I keep repeating that. A disease? My doctors say so... I'm working to embrace that idea.

As I think about it, I'm so proud of my friends who accept me regardless. I'm not as good at acceptance as they are... I do judge... then I smack myself... tolerance is a learned behavior for me.

I spend too much energy on discerning why I'm not like others. 
I should spend my energy focusing on how blessed I am to be specific/special as God made me.

I could be a sumo wrestler... and be revered, and respected... 


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