Private things: Weight and surgery

#morbidobesity  Been asked question lately about why I shared publicly of my journey and plans...  Here is what I said.

I believe in living out loud.  My decisions are for me, made by me and largely about me and of course my family.  That said, virtually everything is about service to others.  I'm not losing weight because I give a flip what others think about me, or how I look, or whether I literally "fit in"..  I'm losing weight because I need it.  I... I... I... I'm sharing because I think others might benefit from hearing and seeing my thought processes, and decisions, and journey.. ups and downs.

This is NO different from my writing about music, or ministry, or politics, or family...  My ideas are my ideas... I don't write to try and change yours.. Most often I am seeking input, and community... and opportunities..
But shouldn't I keep things like this private "they" say?
 I answer: Perhaps, but that is a choice.  It is not my choice...
I make the choice to live out loud as long as I can handle it. I benefit from regular interactions with my FB family and friends... I believe that sharing the "good news" as I would define it, is important.  It is up to others to listen, or not listen... read, or scroll...

I can only control my actions, not others.

I'm not new to being fat... When I'm done with my journey, the mass majority of the world will still consider me fat... Think on that for a bit.. because it is a doozy..

Managing my health risk conditions is hard... it literally "takes a village"... and for me.  Social media is an important outlet and input... Thanks to all who listen and read and contribute...

I don't write for you and much as I write "with you"... That is how I see every day as an opportunity.  What can I do with it...  Perhaps, if I take actions, I may get more days.. perhaps not..

Either way, i want to be known as someone who pursues excellence, teaches, loves, and serves passionately..  -- VATENOR


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