My Vision for the local church where I serve.

My vision for FHPC, is a small but viable and thriving faith community… ~100-200 person church with dynamic worship opportunities(great choirs of course, all ages, all abilities… bells, instruments.. etc… and partnerships in the community for arts…), and empowering Christian education classes… which emphasize the example of our lives in this region...  We need the numbers to be solvent fiscally…

We need the focus on living our faith everyday to establish a new way of doing church.  Our worship is our gift and offer to God and he will bless it.. It should be diverse… passionate and disciplined.  
In the short term, I believe that we need more families… thus more “generations” to empower us… I  and my family are committed to this reality, but for things to change… things must change… We must accept that we are not the priority for most… schools, clubs,  sports…. etc… We must compete for attention… and submit to others up to a point… 

Growth in family ministry in today’s world is a result of relationships, and service… and example… We are not well positioned today given our small numbers.. so we must empower and educate the resources we have to approach growth differently…  via story telling, and living out loud… and by simply testifying of the works being done around them and by them…  As we support and lift one another… we model Jesus sacrifice for us…   Events won’t do it… I believe that growth is all about relationships and relevance… and right now we are not particularly good at either of these.  Accepting that fact and seeking a new way is the first step.  Our resources are limited and must be focused… prioritized… Our potential is endless if we align with God’s vision for FHPC…

The future can not be and is not about nickels and noses… It is about relationships, relevance.. and moments… The latter 3 require accountability from each… not just doing church the way it has always been done… NOT a small task by a long shot.


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