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Confidence from the journey.

Monday with #morbidobesity - as the weight loss journey continues I am struck by how much more confident I feel. I know this may come as a shocker :-) but my weight has always been my Achilles heel. I put on a good show, but the judgement was painful. Most of that is already gone.  It isn't because I have lost so much weight or look better... it is because my perception of cultural judgement has been assuaged. I know that I am doing everything that can feasibly be done to change my size and weight so the odd gazes, anxiety about chairs, seats, and travel is gone. 
Even when I'm done "people" will still think I'm fat according to some moving norm... I will know that I am as I am and anyone who doesn't like it can stick it. I should have felt this way all along I guess. I advocate constantly for personal awareness and self worth... guess I need to listen to my own sermons more often. #SpecificBelovedFirstbornChildofChrist

My Vision for the local church where I serve.

My vision for FHPC, is a small but viable and thriving faith community… ~100-200 person church with dynamic worship opportunities(great choirs of course, all ages, all abilities… bells, instruments.. etc… and partnerships in the community for arts…), and empowering Christian education classes… which emphasize the example of our lives in this region...  We need the numbers to be solvent fiscally…

We need the focus on living our faith everyday to establish a new way of doing church.  Our worship is our gift and offer to God and he will bless it.. It should be diverse… passionate and disciplined.  
In the short term, I believe that we need more families… thus more “generations” to empower us… I  and my family are committed to this reality, but for things to change… things must change… We must accept that we are not the priority for most… schools, clubs,  sports…. etc… We must compete for attention… and submit to others up to a point… 

Growth in family ministry in today’s world is a result …

Social justice for being fat

Does our culture/system oppress fat people? (America)

Maybe I need to rethink my approach to social justice? 

If I'm biased against fat, it is my issue to deal with, not the government... life is not fair, sooner we all learn to deal with that fact the better off we will be. Move on. "Always forward"

#morbidobesity is not a moral failing. 
I keep repeating that. A disease? My doctors say so... I'm working to embrace that idea.

As I think about it, I'm so proud of my friends who accept me regardless. I'm not as good at acceptance as they are... I do judge... then I smack myself... tolerance is a learned behavior for me.

I spend too much energy on discerning why I'm not like others. 
I should spend my energy focusing on how blessed I am to be specific/special as God made me.

I could be a sumo wrestler... and be revered, and respected... 

Private things: Weight and surgery

#morbidobesity  Been asked question lately about why I shared publicly of my journey and plans...  Here is what I said.

I believe in living out loud.  My decisions are for me, made by me and largely about me and of course my family.  That said, virtually everything is about service to others.  I'm not losing weight because I give a flip what others think about me, or how I look, or whether I literally "fit in"..  I'm losing weight because I need it.  I... I... I... I'm sharing because I think others might benefit from hearing and seeing my thought processes, and decisions, and journey.. ups and downs.

This is NO different from my writing about music, or ministry, or politics, or family...  My ideas are my ideas... I don't write to try and change yours.. Most often I am seeking input, and community... and opportunities..
But shouldn't I keep things like this private "they" say?
 I answer: Perhaps, but that is a choice.  It is not my choice..…

Who is this left/right?

Who is "the left" or who is "the right"?

I know people, individuals with opinions that are free to hold and discuss them. I reject these simplistic "buckets"... on principle.

I respect the people even when I don't respect the views that they hold.

 People are equal. Ideas are not.

Collectivist character assignment is a false premise. It is embraced by the foolish who wish to divide and embrace demagoguery,
 and has no place in civil dialogue or practical approaches to progress.