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Yes we can.

So many people feel trapped in their neighborhoods. No Hope. No Change. They see no future. Black lives matter indeed. Rule of law matters. Facts matter. Policies matter. All lives matter and life is not fair. 

Solutions are local. Individual. Personal. 

Each of us can make a difference. When we vote... and in how we love. 
Be a part of the solution, not the problem. Yes We Can!!! 

We need fundamental change indeed.

Deplorable behavior.

Denigrating others because of their ideas is deplorable.  I myself do it sometimes, but I shouldn't and I pledge to do better. 
Division and demagoguery are destructive at every level.
Free speech allows it. 
We decide with every sentence we choose to write or say whether we will embrace and edify, abstain... or diminish ourselves.

Putting it together.

If you are adding something/someone else to manage(from drama, to personal needs, to look at me,) you are not really helping... 

Our collective contribution must be more than the sum of the individuals or we are failing. It is as simple as that when you assess teamwork, and collaboration, and service based ministry. 

To help, you have to actually help... 

Goals, leadership, communications... are critical to assembling and aligning... for ACTUAL progress... 

It doesn't just happen. From Opera Stage to the Board room... principles are the same.