Voice of the People

The Voice of the People is not unified, never was, and never will be... It is not represented in the media, nor on FB or any poll... Our systems allows us to unify, execute, and then adjust...

When we consider Trump vs Hilary vs Gary Johnson vs whomever... THAT is when we are using our voice.

When we vote we use our voice. Not voting... is to remain silent. Not being involved is surrender. Sheep submit. Americans stand and are heard... red state, blue state, United States...

Like it or not, Trump does represent 10s of millions of Americans... same for Hilary... Identity politics and demagoguery is only effective if we allow it to be. OUR voice is the result of the election as it is translated into practical reality... Obama is my president even though I disagree with and despise most if not all of his policies. The next president will be OUR president... or we can choose to surrender our freedoms and our voice. Stand up and be counted my friends. Think, don't just follow... Consider carefully the consequences of choices... personal freedoms, supreme court's direction, congress...

Talk to friends, neighbors and countrymen.... and I'd encourage lot less debate... replace it with dialogue. You choose how to listen. To quote my friend's sermon on Sunday... "Just Listen More".. that advice applies to so much... but when the listening is over, get involved and VOTE your conscience in full knowledge of the system and all of its inadequacies and biases. IT is not perfect, but it remains the best in the world. 

The legacy of peaceful transition of power in this country is virtually unparalleled in today's world. #FridayPhilosophy #RealityCheck


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