Loss of a Giant

My friend Lloyd Arriola passed away this weekend and I'm not able to deal with it yet.  I've read the hundreds of glowing tributes and condolences online as I ponder this looming void in my future.  Lloyd and I became friends through the Lasker Summer Music Festival and our close mutual relationship with Dr Charles Hulin IV.  I remember first meeting him and thinking... wow... that guy is as passionate and powerful at the piano as an opera singer... That image still stands in my mind.

We argued often about politics as we held distinctly different world views about the role of governing powers in this crazy world of ours but whenever we actually talked face to face, mano a mano, we found so much more common ground than disagreement.  His love of the SF Giants and even the 49ers drew respect from me as a long time Denver Broncos fan... I still maintain that baseball is just not that big a deal...

Lloyd,  I can't help but think of the huge volume of guttural utterances you would be populating on FB as the RNC convention is underway.  Be certain that again we aren't so far apart.  My "feed" is so much more boring without your volatile, wholly inappropriate, crazy liberal commentary... but I miss it more than you can imagine.  I will never let on how close I have come to sharing in those "utterances" from time to time.

What do I feel the deepest?  We had planned so many concerts in my head for the future... From Peter Grimes, to Liszt and Schumann... to new music that I can't even begin to name... I figured that we would have time and find places as the years progressed.  That is unsettling to me now. I feel as though everything has become numb... at least my singing desire... I feel emotions now that are difficult to gauge and express.  As artists, we shared a common bond.. at LSMF we shared some wonderful moments and memories.. and in our DaCapo concerts I was overwhelmed with your artistry and immense talent...  We never talked openly of these things as artists don't... but somehow writing this now makes me feel better.

 I know that you are looking down on us and that you are smiling and I hope that you have unlimited access to steak and egg biscuits...  which you so adored during your last trip to Richmond.

I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that he is able, to keep that which I've committed unto him against that day...

You are a giant to me, my friend, and colleague in every way.  I'm sorry that we had so little time to share in this world.. Until then... I shall love and remember you as a brother.. in every way.

- Jeff


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