It is all LOCAL... in the end

--In response to so much demagoguery and mean spirited commentary in the social media channels as a result of the RNC and DNC conventions. 

Despite all of the condescending rhetoric, I and my conservative friends are not ashamed or morally compromised in any way because of our conservative beliefs and positions. (from small govt, to limited spending, to personal accountability, and restrictions on abortion) Shocking as it may seem to my liberal friends, we actually believe that we are right. No political party holds the moral high ground... there may be no such thing in politics... Framing every argument as though your position is the only morally acceptable one is highly offensive and only furthers the very division and demagoguery which you espouse to stand against.

Government has long proven that it is ineffective and incapable of legislating morality and in most cases... even basic human decency. The system is a failure... but it happens to be the best in the world... which says very little in the end.

Results matter. History and legacy matter. Honor, honesty and civility matter. America matters. Individual lives, liberty and ideas matter. Collectivist ideas... are a wasteland of corruption, division, argument and historic failure.

Liars have no place in leadership.

Great speeches and great results are rarely the same thing. ‪#‎WakeUpAmerica‬ Your local and state governments have the most real impact on your lives... Do you even know who your real leaders are? because it isn't those ‪#‎IdiotsInCharge‬ in Washington... Their role in our lives is to keep us safe, and protect the union... and they are terrible at it.

Figure our what YOUR principles are and stand for them...

Enough of this personality politics bunk... it only brings us all down.


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