Blame game

Violence is not new. The cameras are... The solution to America's violence problem is rooted in unity, honesty, leadership and cultural change... Hope and change... Transparency... Focus and peace follow.

We must have Shared grief of course... But also shared resolve for a better future... That is the only way.

If we come apart at the seams, we have only ourselves to blame. The "blame" approach solves nothing in the end. Nothing.

Many have chosen to try and blame POTUS or the media for inflaming the public... I disagree with this, although I can see the logic particularly as it applies to the President's role in leading "the people"

We need the President and the media.  Ignoring either is catastrophic.  If we do so, we aren't unaffected, we are unaware.  The violence is real. Blame is useless as it abounds. We can make a difference by engaging locally with love and dialogue and FACTS. Emotions must come into check for change.

We need the media. We own our reaction and our ability to reason.

We the people are responsible for our individual and collective future.  We have no one to blame but ourselves if we continue to fail.


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