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It is all LOCAL... in the end

--In response to so much demagoguery and mean spirited commentary in the social media channels as a result of the RNC and DNC conventions. 

Despite all of the condescending rhetoric, I and my conservative friends are not ashamed or morally compromised in any way because of our conservative beliefs and positions. (from small govt, to limited spending, to personal accountability, and restrictions on abortion) Shocking as it may seem to my liberal friends, we actually believe that we are right. No political party holds the moral high ground... there may be no such thing in politics... Framing every argument as though your position is the only morally acceptable one is highly offensive and only furthers the very division and demagoguery which you espouse to stand against.

Government has long proven that it is ineffective and incapable of legislating morality and in most cases... even basic human decency. The system is a failure... but it happens to be the best in the world... which says v…

Voice of the People

The Voice of the People is not unified, never was, and never will be... It is not represented in the media, nor on FB or any poll... Our systems allows us to unify, execute, and then adjust...

When we consider Trump vs Hilary vs Gary Johnson vs whomever... THAT is when we are using our voice.

When we vote we use our voice. Not voting... is to remain silent. Not being involved is surrender. Sheep submit. Americans stand and are heard... red state, blue state, United States...

Like it or not, Trump does represent 10s of millions of Americans... same for Hilary... Identity politics and demagoguery is only effective if we allow it to be. OUR voice is the result of the election as it is translated into practical reality... Obama is my president even though I disagree with and despise most if not all of his policies. The next president will be OUR president... or we can choose to surrender our freedoms and our voice. Stand up and be counted my friends. Think, don't just follow... Consid…

Loss of a Giant

My friend Lloyd Arriola passed away this weekend and I'm not able to deal with it yet.  I've read the hundreds of glowing tributes and condolences online as I ponder this looming void in my future.  Lloyd and I became friends through the Lasker Summer Music Festival and our close mutual relationship with Dr Charles Hulin IV.  I remember first meeting him and thinking... wow... that guy is as passionate and powerful at the piano as an opera singer... That image still stands in my mind.

We argued often about politics as we held distinctly different world views about the role of governing powers in this crazy world of ours but whenever we actually talked face to face, mano a mano, we found so much more common ground than disagreement.  His love of the SF Giants and even the 49ers drew respect from me as a long time Denver Broncos fan... I still maintain that baseball is just not that big a deal...

Lloyd,  I can't help but think of the huge volume of guttural utterances you …

Blame game

Violence is not new. The cameras are... The solution to America's violence problem is rooted in unity, honesty, leadership and cultural change... Hope and change... Transparency... Focus and peace follow.

We must have Shared grief of course... But also shared resolve for a better future... That is the only way.

If we come apart at the seams, we have only ourselves to blame. The "blame" approach solves nothing in the end. Nothing.

Many have chosen to try and blame POTUS or the media for inflaming the public... I disagree with this, although I can see the logic particularly as it applies to the President's role in leading "the people"

We need the President and the media.  Ignoring either is catastrophic.  If we do so, we aren't unaffected, we are unaware.  The violence is real. Blame is useless as it abounds. We can make a difference by engaging locally with love and dialogue and FACTS. Emotions must come into check for change.

We need the media. We own…