What difference does it really make?

I watched a good bit of the news coverage this morning regarding the release of the Benghazi "report"... Terrorist attack... 4 brave Americans died... Lots of folks to blame... Obama and Hilary lied to the American people and to the families about who did what and why... Decision cycle times were ghastly slow...Those men were in danger for over 13 hours... and help could have reached them but didn't... Obama went to Vegas rather than receive his security briefing... Obama was reelected... There is almost certainly more to this story than we will ever know... It is possible that noone "intended" to leave those Americans...(I don't actually believe that)
Here is the rub... Hilary was actually correct when she said... "What difference does it really make?" If we the people can know all of these things and still support her and the administration... then we do not have honor, we are not a free country and we the people dishonor the memory of those brave Americans who were just trying to do their job. 
When we elect our leaders we are indeed UNITED... and accountable for what they do. Obama is my president whether he cares for my opinion or not. THIS is the essence of representative democracy. We must hold our leaders accountable for their outcomes!!! in communities, in government, and particularly on the world stage. We do that IN ELECTIONS... so we shall see if these horrifically tragic outcomes actually matter... 

Only time will tell... You alone decide if it matters. Choose wisely because the future is very unclear to me...


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