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Hope and World Wide Change

At the beginning of WWII we weren't sure how to win.

We believed, we came together, and we fought and the world was changed.  Such is the way of things.   Believe, come together and fight for your beliefs and principles.

This is not optional.

Progress is only achieved through the expense of blood and treasure and both are priceless.

We are entitled to nothing except the love of Jesus Christ.

Are you helping?

Helping involves actively seeking to assist both where asked and ideally where not asked. 

True help comes as a blessing, from friends.. family... unsolicited advocacy, support and above all ACTION.. not rhetoric. 

If you aren't actively pursuing the same goals with actions... you are not on the team. 

Standing on the sidelines and watching isn't helping all that much in the end...

Are you on the team? or not?  What you do will tell the true tale.