Rhapsody in Bluegrass : Annie Moses Band

Interpreting music from a fantastically wide range of American cultural traditions... These fine artists put on one of the best "crossover" appeal shows in the business.  Showmanship,  professionalism and engaging story telling mark the pinnacles of their events and last night's concert in Martinsville, Va was a diamond in the rough for a small town venue after a truly miserable, rainy day...

The Fall colors may not have been on display in this area of the Blue Ridge due to the fog, mist, and generally unwelcoming environment outside... but inside the auditorium at Martinsville HS, the music was fantastic, the colors were stunning, the women were classically beautiful, and the experience left those of us in attendance wishing for more.

How do I explain the feeling leaving an Annie Moses Band concert?  inspired, loved, and smiling ear to ear.   It is their ability to engage the audience on a personal level, yet still demonstrate elite musical skills that reels you into their musically, magical, myriad of memories.  The stories connect with emotions and the music overwhelms the listener with its elegance and raw energy.  Singing and playing, and playing and singing... Yes that is at the root of a deep, warmth... a happy feeling that pervades the room and all who take the time to listen.

If you missed the concert last night... DON'T next time.  If you have a chance to meet them, or send some students to one of their Summer Camps, or buy their CDs... DO IT!  They have a passion for engaging and sharing their hearts and their love of fine music making in a way that all performers can learn.

Tell your story. Play and Sing beautifully.  Love your family.  Embrace all types of music, but make them your own and use those notes to evolve your relationships...

These are the lessons just beneath the surface in the Annie Moses Band concerts.  Those of us looking deeper see them immediately.  What do we remember?  the music, and the smiles... and those warm, loving memories... made new with each new note.



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