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Positive Look Around

My family and I have recently relocated to Henry County in Virginia.  We knew that this is an economically depressed region, and that it is a far far different environment from our cozy suburban home in Midlothian Va.  I've been most surprised at the attitudes of many leaders and even institutions.

There seems to be a pervasive sense of depression everywhere.  I hear, there are no jobs, no opportunity, no hope... but when I look around I see opportunity and beauty.  The internet has changed the world.  Education is at the heart of change.  We the people make the difference in our community. If "We" continually perpetuate the talking point of decline, depression, and hopelessness, we are contributing to the very essence of the problem.

The MHC of 1975 will not be returning. The factories will not be reopening as they once were. The old times were good. Recent times were bad.  The future is what we make of it.
We must support our community and our neighbors. We must lo…