Henry County Horse Farm Planning

Tell me a little about yourself… you grew up here.. when did you leave? 
I left HC in 1988 as a graduate of Drewry Mason High School, a Piedmont Art Association scholarship winner, went on to a full scholarship as a Lyric Tenor at the Juilliard school, made a Carnegie Hall debut in 1993…. sang a lot… and learned a lot.  I moved into the business world in the late 90s, and I’m now a solutions architect with Cisco systems as well as the founder and President of the Board of Directors for Da Capo Va.   
It took me 25 years to fully recognize the value of the region but now I see it.  I work all over the world using technology, with all types of people every day.  That exposure only reinforces my desire to focus on what is important.  
  • Family  
  • Music
  • Community -- teaching, inspiring,  working together...making a difference

Technology seems  like a big part of your life… tell me about that.  
Technology and tools like Facebook have allowed me to reconnect with friends in the area and have only reinforced my desire to be nearer to them… to come home more often…  not just at holidays… my job allows me to work wherever I can get a high speed internet connection. That is a tremendous blessing and opportunity.

What makes you want to live a horse farm in Henry County?  
This area has so much going for it... geography,  history,  energy…
Innovation Spirit of Virginia on display every day from the Speedway to the New School, to the Museum, to the technology infrastructure investments...to the blossoming artists community.  
Beauty of the rolling ridges is obvious if we take the time to look.  
I recognize the struggles of the area.  I believe in the power of the arts and leadership to transform everything. There is no need to focus on where Martinsville and Henry County used to be.. we must focus on what we will be next year and the year after that.. This is the key to changing everything.

I believe in the future of Martinsville and Henry County and I want my family to be a part of the solution.  I come from here… I have skills and experience and a desire to share them.  My expertise is music and technology, and managing change… my family is all about music and loving through shared experiences. We want to experience the beauty of these rolling ridges and this place… but we want to give back too.. We need space.. and opportunity.. and both are in abundance here.

How are your wife and children handling the change?
They are excited but nervous too.  I think about it like this… My kids need to know what it is like to live in the world away from the big city, but not too far… instead I want them to better understand the importance of hard work, know how to do things.. from growing, to mowing, to building and maintaining… on a 33 acre horse farm we will get all we can handle with jobs and work “on the farm”  

What are some of your plans for the community?  
As far as the community goes,  my wife and children are unbelievable in their talent and dedication.  I can’t wait to see what we all can accomplish in the next few years…  in churches, in the schools, as we connect people all over the region.  using those rolling ridges.. our farm… our music.. and our dedication to service and a kingdom way of living as the glue.  God has called us to these hills… and we are answering the call to “be ye also ready”

We have big plans..
  • We plan to reinstitute Sunday dinners with my family.. my entire family invited.. every week.. right away..
  • We are already planning a launch of DaCapoVa choirs and classes in the Fall which will enable a direct  connection between students and faculty in Richmond and Henry county.. making music together at events and helping one another.  We will share our passion and discipline and make a difference… one day at a time.. from the farm, to the city… across those rolling ridges.. embracing our call.
  • We aren’t exactly sure of everything we will do… but we will follow our motto.. Love it first.. Learn it… and Live it.. inclusively.. in community.. aspiring to excellence in everything.. every day.


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