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Theology: What would Jesus say?

I think Jesus would say: 

Silly men. I made it so simple. Trust me. Love one another. I am. Don't worry. In your arrogance you needed and developed systematic theologies and philosophies and "logic" to try and explain the great mystery. Amusing and creative but only confusing. Your ability to complicate doesn't explain or add value. You are my specific, beloved firstborn children. Go out and tell and love.

Henry County Horse Farm Planning

Tell me a little about yourself… you grew up here.. when did you leave?  I left HC in 1988 as a graduate of Drewry Mason High School, a Piedmont Art Association scholarship winner, went on to a full scholarship as a Lyric Tenor at the Juilliard school, made a Carnegie Hall debut in 1993…. sang a lot… and learned a lot.  I moved into the business world in the late 90s, and I’m now a solutions architect with Cisco systems as well as the founder and President of the Board of Directors for Da Capo Va.    It took me 25 years to fully recognize the value of the region but now I see it.  I work all over the world using technology, with all types of people every day.  That exposure only reinforces my desire to focus on what is important.   Family   Music Community -- teaching, inspiring,  working together...making a difference
Technology seems  like a big part of your life… tell me about that.   Technology and tools like Facebook have allowed me to reconnect with friends in the area and have only re…