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Rolling Ridges Assembly

Vision for new "local church" -- Parachurch

Rolling Ridges Assembly may yet become a reality. Education, and sharing life experiences... at the core... of the rolling and the ridges.

EducationPerforming ArtsTransitional HousingFood ServicesHealthcareWorship through serviceService in WorshipSponsored by traditional institutional churches $$$??? Is Scale important for a local ministry?
How to avoid internal focus at scale.. that is the question.
How to remain focused on individual not collective goals.

Enduring Legacy of Leaders

The great legacy of our last three Presidents is the utter destruction of trust in leadership.

Lies and manipulation, epic mistakes and misuse of power...

No hope no change, yes we can, mission accomplished.

Malevolent intention and incompetence often have same result.

Classically trained singers are superior.

Classically trained singing IS a superior form of singing. 

We use our entire instrument, relying our our skill and soul rather than amplification effects and technology. Our style is... well that is a great question.. from Pavarotti to Mariah Carey, from James Taylor and Barry Manilow to... list goes on and on..

It is the ability to create a story and connect with a voice that is valuable and artistic. We use color and nuance and language and subtlety along with passion and showmanship and appearance.

It is never about blasting  out vibrato or volume, it is about connecting... and it is NOT about how many people like it. That said, I would love it if more people came to my next concert. Wink.

Great voices, great singers, and great artists aren't the same thing. When they come together they become very special indeed.