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Go Broncos

UPDATE: 2/3/14 AFTER the Superbowl

I'm a life long fan. The thrashing that we took in the game was hard to watch but a reality of life. As I sat at the breakfast table with my children I explained an important lesson to them.  We must choose our allegiances carefully, and allegiance is most often defined by how we handled the difficult times, not simply the good times.

Bronco fans have now endured 4 epic defeats in the SuperBowl. I am not happy about this, but it strengthens me.  I am proud of what they accomplished in reaching the game.  Let me be clear. A win would be preferable, and I am intensely proud of the back to back wins with Elway.  Next season begins today.  All of the other NFL teams have multi week headstarts on the Broncos and Seahawks.

Time to Ride  #UnitedInOrange

&... GO BRONCOS !!!