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Music Together

It is the fellowship of musicians that sustains my musical heart. 

The joy of excellent collaboration on display is a wonder. A spark, a mystery revealed in sight and sound. 

It inspires, educates, and explores rare emotions for all.

#performance -- performer and audience alike

Christmas with Annie Moses Band

I had the privilege of attending one of the tour concerts of the Annie Moses Band last night at Huguenot Road Baptist Church in Richmond Va and one thought remains with me this morning.  Heart coupled with skill is indomitable.  When placed on display it creates hope, inspiring, moving... in a magical tapestry of sound and energy.

Those wonderful musicians were fantastic.  Their arrangements of Christmas favorites from God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen, to the Vaughn Williams Theme from Thomas Tallis, to Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring.. to their utterly overwhelming O Holy night...  all filled with energy and drive anew..

Many times I thought, They are a string quartet with personality, and a spirit of praise.  The story telling legacy which they so easily access within their own family history brings the audience in.  The stage craft is fundamental, and not overstated... from the flipping hair, to the step up together..
Their percussionist is stunning in his use of so many sounds and t…

Greatest voice of an age.

This man was instrumental in my development as an artist, and as a person.  I read about him, studied him, learned his assets and faults and yes… I loved him.  For so many years, I wanted to sing like him.

What he said to me.  "you have a beautiful voice, for such a baby…"  I was 19 when I met him and sang for him on the stage of the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.  I saw him in concert many times, I have autographed CDs, and books.. and oh, the memories.  What a voice. What a personality.

A Man to remember.  ALWAYS!  for all AGES….