Respect, Hope and Change.

Lesson to the young, and even to the not so young.

You should respect elderly people.. seriously.. They didn't get that way by being stupid, no matter what you think.

Look at the entirety of their lives.. their families, their legacies, their possessions, and their reputations.. All play a part. Learn from them.. and make progress, but first you have to do at least as well as they did. Be careful when you deconstruct. The void is usually worse than the previous. We can't disregard so easily without providing better options… for educations, experiences, relationships, and yes.. possessions and abilities.

-- That said, we can't stay where we are either. Clearly what we have done in past got us here. For things to change, something has to change.

What a different world it would be if kids were taught directly to embrace what their parents know.

Instead, today's kids see it as a rite of passage to show their disrespect for their elders often by promoting thoughts of HS and college teachers above family.

Is this behavior tolerated around the world? When did this shift occur? Are the previous generations really so incompetent. I think not. I wish I had recognized this tendency 20 years ago.

My kids are doing even worse than I did. Respect is part of it. Awareness too. But also requires knowledge and experience to be shared. Sometimes forcefully in families to control risks.
Other cultures around the world have radically different "rules" and results. Asia, India, Japan, so it isn't a natural thing. It is cultural.

Americans are in a dangerous place of "expecting" when so much can be lost so easily. We need Hope and Change.


Jeff Prillaman said…
Interesting article from Dennis Prager that aligns with this sentiment.

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