Fluff and change

Social media is about more than fluff… It is about relationships. Specifically relationships which cannot be maintained or sometimes initiated across geography and time any other way. Take it seriously and learn to use it.

If we embrace a call to marginalize such a powerful tool (bridging both collaboration and communications) we say more about ourselves and a lack of ability than we do about the tool.
Learn how to use tools friends.  It takes practice, and real relationship skills for real relationships.

Post, own your words, be accountable and understand and tolerate dissent.  Recognize that a social media "feed" is not a linear event and adjust your speech and communications methods intentionally.  Embrace and explore what you can do with the tools and then… 

Go out to dinner with your real family and close friends face to face and talk politics, religion, relationships… future… Things that matter.  Face to face.  

Find YOUR balance and manage it.  

Most importantly, love and serve… in all of your  channels. sometimes sharing the truth, sometimes championing positions, sometimes even criticizing.

But be REAL.. be PRESENT… and keep on learning… because times are changing fast. 


John White` said…
Well said, Friend

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