Power and balance

Only fools believing that winning a negotiation at the expense of the other side is actually a victory. In most cases, a "win" only guarantees a future retribution and more conflict. There is a big difference between wars, games and governing... not to mention actually living into a joint future. From churches, to families, to governments... We cannot win if we destroy and diminish our "opponent".. Did we learn nothing from WW1... The Ds and Rs are now functionally at war within our country. It may no longer matter who is right, as we are all losing.

President Obama's yes we can rhetoric was appealing, even intoxicating with its foundations built on hope and change, and peace, and prosperity. Unfortunately, his lack of experience has now drawn us all into recurring conflicts both internally and globally. Our only choices seem to be force and further division. This is a function of poor leadership.

Petty, self absorbed, closed minded... backed into their proverbial corners... they now have to fight because there is no other option, no dialogue, only fear and division... and the FORCE and FIRE of power... controlling them all. They seek a ring to control them all, but it doesn't exist.

Influenced by:
America and Empire: Thoughts on a Debate


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