Song of gratitude.

A profound sense of gratitude abounds.   As the Amazing Raise enters is final 6 hours.. I declare victory for DaCapoVa.. What began as an idea that friends, and colleagues could join together and just "do what we do".. but begin from a different place.. include everyone.. and above all serve others, not ourselves.. This is hard for musicians.. particularly performers. We are indoctrinated into competition from the beginning.. the need to be better... seek perfection.  I simply believe that we can do these things without diminishing or excluding others.  Everyman has his role to play on the stage.. indeed.  

I've saturated your timelines with requests for support in the last week... I'm not sorry, but I recognize how it might seem. Passion has that effect.  It polarizes and is powerful.  Thank you for your time and attention.. for the shares, for the likes.. and hopefully for a few smiles..  I can't say thank you enough for the money.. It provides the gateway to so much more.. yet in itself is so trivial..

My friends... you are what is important.  your passions.. your blessings.. and I am thankful for that.   Today, I share my song.. tomorrow, I'll share my song... and.. when thousands join and sing.. I will sing.  


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