Remember the burden.

The tragedy on 9/11 reminds me of the importance of remembering. Only 12 years ago there was so much blood shed for what? I learned of attacks like Pearl Harbor, and wars like Korea and Vietnam from history books as my children and their children will learn of 9/11... from books.  They will learn of a nation that was violently terrorized and attacked... and of a country that struggled to fight back.. winning the "battles" but never quite winning the wars. Our honored and valiant soldiers spending their blood and tears in far away places to keep us safe. As they always have ,and always will.  Let us remember that we are a nation built on freedom, free will, choices... not terror, fascism, death dealing, and moral superiority.  We must model the way for the world, not dictate it. I do remember... all too well... fearing for my friends then and now. Retreating into my art, and my faith, and family... Seeking to love more directly and make a difference. Future generations may or may not learn that from our books. The burden is on us.


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