Looks and Legacy of Leaders

Day to day.. task after task... opportunity, challenge transform into successes and failures. Clearly... our legacy is best remembered by our results... Our results are informed by our strategy, and our strategy is built to deliver on our purpose..

What did I say?  What am I trying to say?

Running a family, a business.. even just working in a job requires a strategy yet most people have no true understanding of what strategy actually is.  They mix up tactics, and actions, and strategy and then complain when there are no results. I am guilty of this too but I am getting better and better. day by day, task by task..

Day to day linear tactics are not strategy. Surviving isn't strategy.

Sequencing tactical components & assets on demand to meet needs within a long term vision is strategy.

To succeed requires experience matched with luck over time.

Success is indeed fleeting because every day takes different actions. If you act strategically though, you can begin to win more days than you lose, and so on and so on.

#StatingWhatIsNotSoObvious to too many.


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