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Song of gratitude.

A profound sense of gratitude abounds.   As the Amazing Raise enters is final 6 hours.. I declare victory for DaCapoVa.. What began as an idea that friends, and colleagues could join together and just "do what we do".. but begin from a different place.. include everyone.. and above all serve others, not ourselves.. This is hard for musicians.. particularly performers. We are indoctrinated into competition from the beginning.. the need to be better... seek perfection.  I simply believe that we can do these things without diminishing or excluding others.  Everyman has his role to play on the stage.. indeed.  

I've saturated your timelines with requests for support in the last week... I'm not sorry, but I recognize how it might seem. Passion has that effect.  It polarizes and is powerful.  Thank you for your time and attention.. for the shares, for the likes.. and hopefully for a few smiles..  I can't say thank you enough for the money.. It provides the gateway to …

Manners demand is up.

Ignore this advice.. or not.. I didn't send it to you in an email, or write it to you directly.  

So, what is a relationship oriented person to do in a world of emails, and letters, and notes, and yes Facebook, Twitter and endless MEMEs valiantly striving for mindshare.  

Here are my suggestions. in no particular order...  

Use Manners.. always..  Friends and colleagues are precious assets in a world more and more devoid of true, caring, relationships.  Treat them as such. 
Be Honest.  Tell those you care about that you can or cannot do things.. Tell them what you think about their decisions. Applaud them and criticize them.. but above all love them.. Be grownups... Just because you said it, doesn't mean they care... or that anything will change. 

Consider that inaction is action.  If you are too busy, you can't just expect others to understand. We are ALL busy.  That is the way of things. Taking the time to call, check in, say thank you.. are all things that grown ups do.  Don…

Looks and Legacy of Leaders

Day to day.. task after task... opportunity, challenge transform into successes and failures. Clearly... our legacy is best remembered by our results... Our results are informed by our strategy, and our strategy is built to deliver on our purpose..

What did I say?  What am I trying to say?

Running a family, a business.. even just working in a job requires a strategy yet most people have no true understanding of what strategy actually is.  They mix up tactics, and actions, and strategy and then complain when there are no results. I am guilty of this too but I am getting better and better. day by day, task by task..

Day to day linear tactics are not strategy. Surviving isn't strategy.

Sequencing tactical components & assets on demand to meet needs within a long term vision is strategy.

To succeed requires experience matched with luck over time.

Success is indeed fleeting because every day takes different actions. If you act strategically though, you can begin to win more days…

Remember the burden.

The tragedy on 9/11 reminds me of the importance of remembering. Only 12 years ago there was so much blood shed for what? I learned of attacks like Pearl Harbor, and wars like Korea and Vietnam from history books as my children and their children will learn of 9/11... from books.  They will learn of a nation that was violently terrorized and attacked... and of a country that struggled to fight back.. winning the "battles" but never quite winning the wars. Our honored and valiant soldiers spending their blood and tears in far away places to keep us safe. As they always have ,and always will.  Let us remember that we are a nation built on freedom, free will, choices... not terror, fascism, death dealing, and moral superiority.  We must model the way for the world, not dictate it. I do remember... all too well... fearing for my friends then and now. Retreating into my art, and my faith, and family... Seeking to love more directly and make a difference. Future generations may o…

Military action in Syria

I do not support military action in Syria.

If we kill indiscriminately to maintain our reputation. We are not peaceful. We are terrorists. We have become what we despise. A missile attack is exactly that.

We should not go it alone.  If US involvement in Syria is punishment for killing Syrians, it makes absolutely no sense to kill more Syrians.

This "Red line" debate assumes one side or the other can actually stop or reduce future bloodshed. In Syria, that false assumption will be deadly for US soldiers with no impact on our actual and imminent threat condition for National Security.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jeffrey Wayne Prillaman