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KWOL in the Rolling Ridges

I've been wondering lately where the line between church planting and missional living really is when applied to #KWOL(Kingdom way of living).  In particular, I have this sense that I've been more missionally involved in leadership in the last year than I have in many many years and yet I'm not an active leader within my church.

In Richmond,  I do plenty of teaching.  I get to sing and perform and share my talents on stage.  I do hospital visits and intentional care for friends and family and our family even spent an entire vacation visiting our ministry friends from early in our marriage.  Yet... My children continue to have transformational missions experiences in the hills of the Appalachian mountains. I think I want something simpler and more complex at the same time.

I feel a particular call to return to ministry leadership in those hills, with some colleagues from the past. I want to plant a church, and move my life to a simpler more impactful place with people in t…