Skills endorsements: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Skills and Expertise snapshot... 
I've been participating in and watching the growth of LinkedIn and its "skills" endorsements section for months now.  I take referrals and recommendations seriously. I wonder if the allure of a simple click to endorse a colleague has any real and lasting value.

Is my core skillset and experience represented by a social media referral service like this. Time will tell..  For those of you who know me.. you make the call.

My 2 cents... So far the system is representing my experience pretty well, but do these referrals actually have any value beyond self aggrandizing narcissistic tendencies?  Perhaps... if I get noticed for a job or can help a friend because of my "connections" that is a good thing.  As usual..

Time will tell the true tale over time social media does the same.


Andy Shotwell said…
Hi Jeff – I find LinkedIn Skill Endorsements to be a good signal showing how others view me. My LI profile represents the front I want to present, the endorsements show how others see and value my skills. Although the system is curated and can be gamed, I would think hiring managers would greatly value this information.

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