Evangelism #KWOL and converging ideas for the common good.

Kingdom way of life discussion on facebook in the aftermath of the #scotus rulings clearing the way for same sex marriage. 

I view evangelism as sharing the gospel.. The gospel being the story of Jesus and his good news. In my view, we are here to declare and write our own story, living into love, with Christ at the head.. as Lord.

Imposing our interpretations, and beliefs on others is about persuading.. rather than declaring. If we recognize that God is at work in our world around us, and our call is to join him in his work rather than pursue our own.. we have no need to impose.. we are instead called to live and love... often in radical opposition to the institutions and laws of the land.. but not by design.

Jesus had no need to rule by force and impose. I don't see why we should. Challenging others is perfectly okay, but we must allow them to walk away if they so choose. Such is the doctrine of free will and liberty.

Question:  but why evangelize... "I prefer to just live quietly and humbly as a Christian. Actively challenging is offensive and not effective.  Living in a secular world, we shouldn't impose our views."

As Christians we don't have secular and sacred lives... there is no line. We are called to a new way, a whole radical new life.

That said... I think the great commission is pretty clear... We are called to share the good news of Christ.. not just live quietly... As to the how.. well.. we do that with faith, hope, and love.

-- Never challenging or even questioning is ultimately opposite to the very example which Jesus, the disciples, Paul.. and the prophets set for us. It is convenient for us to not challenge... as we avoid cultural retribution and consequence but it is not exactly biblically sound in my view.

The Holy Spirit is among us doing the evangelism... but we are called to participate.. and declare our faith. Teaching and sharing and always learning as we progress in our journey. Converging our own gospel story with the one that God is telling already in the world around us.


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