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Evangelism #KWOL and converging ideas for the common good.

Kingdom way of life discussion on facebook in the aftermath of the #scotus rulings clearing the way for same sex marriage. 

I view evangelism as sharing the gospel.. The gospel being the story of Jesus and his good news. In my view, we are here to declare and write our own story, living into love, with Christ at the head.. as Lord.

Imposing our interpretations, and beliefs on others is about persuading.. rather than declaring. If we recognize that God is at work in our world around us, and our call is to join him in his work rather than pursue our own.. we have no need to impose.. we are instead called to live and love... often in radical opposition to the institutions and laws of the land.. but not by design.

Jesus had no need to rule by force and impose. I don't see why we should. Challenging others is perfectly okay, but we must allow them to walk away if they so choose. Such is the doctrine of free will and liberty.

Question:  but why evangelize... "I prefer to just live q…

Stream of Spirit

Follow the stream.  from coverups to community improvement. From development of civilization and the great basins to highways, interstates and the feeds.  twitter, Facebook, feeds, news, television..  streams of data flow into our processors from screens, sounds, memories, music, and we must choose what to listen to, more importantly what to act on.  
I've been growing as a Baptist for over 40 years.  I've been effective at quiet times and listening on at off..   not as often as I would like.    As I consider the stream of information which I create... I wonder what others see.

Going with the flow.. Riding the waves... To get a handle on what I think you have to step into the stream.  I joke often with my work colleagues... that working with me can be like trying to drink from a high pressure hose.  Don't stick your face in too far.. it hurts.   My part of that is that I've been working to adjust the flow, but not where you might think.

I'm trying to be more res…

Living out loud.

Last few weeks have generated a lot of self examination for me.  I've been exploring my own life and living for a bible study I'll be teaching over the Summer on the Kingdom way of Life.  I'm already a little obsessive about a lot of things. (family and friends are LOLing right now...) Reality is... there are pros and cons to this tendency, blessing, gift...  Think about that, as Ill come back to it in a bit.

Jesus teaches me that I need to live in grace, embracing every moment, not judging, understanding that I am a member of the body of Christ. Most importantly... I'm not the head.  That is a tough one for me... (maybe for you too)

I am "good at" a lot of things.. listening... hearing... technology...  music... performing.. parenting... coaching... competition, and yes collaboration.
I am "bad at" a lot of things... gentleness... crying... exercise... submission... silence... and yes sometimes collaboration.

So what does this mean exactly?  Why…


Life moves on.. I am not the person I was 20 years ago.. but he is still in there and surrounded by more than a few pounds,  memories, experiences, good & bad...

I ask myself... what is important for tomorrow.. and get excited. Yesterday... well that is done. Tomorrow is fresh, ready to be explored, filled with opportunity.

Old friends pass from my thoughts..but not my care. I focus on today's relationships and the new people and moments set to be revealed tomorrow and beyond.

... and I remember, Jesus loved me through it all and still.

Death of a Facebook Page

For couple of years now,  I've been managing a separate FB page titled Jeff Prillaman, Tenor.  When I started that page, I thought it would be a good place to have discussion and artist oriented development, commentary and event promotion.  Turns out, that FB has matured and I know longer need it. FB does much better for me in connecting to my friends than I ever would have imagined. My discussions as an artists (tenor) are not separate from my life as a father, minister, technologist.. etc.. so... as of June 4, 2013... The page ist KAPUT!