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Reality of leadership is that consequences occur.

Actions, ideological, correct or otherwise must bring about progress. Positive progress is not about being the story, but in achieving a result. Distraction, diversion and adverse results may often be avoided with no action at all. 
Awareness of the whole chess board is key for any effective leader. The truth is that sometimes the battle may be the story, but it cannot and should not be by accident. The result must be by design or it is chance, even luck, maybe divine intervention, but not leadership.

Christians: Doing it wrong?

If our entire "world" is our church... We are doing it wrong. If the work of "the church" becomes our entire world then we are on track. Every day, moment, and task becomes an opportunity to connect, love and communicate.

Our lives should not become reference books on a shelf. They must be all used up.. for a purpose. And that purpose is not our own.  Every day, moment, and task are a chance to wear ourselves out.

We settle... we all lose... A bit of a rant.

The current public school choral teacher for my children isn't bad enough to fire, but she isn't good enough to keep either.  I watch in disbelief as students enter the stage and execute programs that are "good enough", but have no spark.. little diversity, nothing special and in some cases are barely worthy of attendance at all.

Of course, that is inappropriate to say, because we all need to support the kids.  The problem is that no one draws the line.  This teacher is basically untouchable in my view.

Lousy performances.. too long.. boring...  Talented young musicians are being driven away.  Numbers diminish in the primary ensembles.  Programs tend toward flash and sex appeal... everything except excellence and inspiration.  Everyone knows there is a problem except of course the administration and the powers that be.   They don't choose to listen to experts... 
My public commentary, formal letter to principal,  and discussion face to face with the teacher las…